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Packages to accomplish your stay


For a complete nourishment of your senses as a guest of Relax Select you enjoy exclusive access to our treatments and massages. 





Head-neck-shouldermassage (30 min)

Back massage (30 min)

Anti-stressmassage (60 min or 90 min)

Hotstone massage (90 min)

Traditional Thai yoga massage (90 min)

Kids massage (30 min)


30 min - 40 euro

60 min - 75 euro

90 min - 85 euro


Our massage oil is pure almond oil with possibility of adding  therapeutic essential oils.


In case of allergy or medical pathology we ask you to inform us before  the treatment starts.

Massage  is no medical treatment,  but is in most situations positive and healing.

Massage is  not recommended in case of fever, pregnancy, flew, infections,

contagious diseases, aids,  feeling unwell, pain, migraine, hartproblems,

eczema and some other (skin)diseases. With the minor doubt consult your doctactor first.


Therapeutic massage only, treatment will be ended in case of inappropriate behaviour.





Dr Hauschka Revitalizing 90 min - 70 euro (depilations & mini-manicure incl)

Dr Hauschka Classical Treatment 120 min - 90 euro (depilations & mini-manicure incl)

Dr Hauschka for men 60 min - 60 euro


BIONOME FOR ALLERGY (free of harmful substances)

Purifying 60 min - 50 euro (depilations incl)

Luxury 90 min - 60 euro (depilations incl)



Kids facial and mini-manicure or mini-pedicure with nail polish 50 min - 40 euro



Manicure + 10 euro

Day make-up after facial + 10 euro




Eyebrows - 8 euro

Lip - 8 euro

Eyebrows & lip - 15 euro

Arms - 15 euro

Legs till knee - 17 euro

Full legs - 28 euro

Bikini - 25 euro

Armpits - 15 euro




Nail treatment 30 min - 30 euro

Pedicure (specialized care) 60 min - 40 euro

Extra for gelish - 15 euro


Airbrush tanning


Complete body - 35 euro

Legs - 20 euro

Face and decolleté - 20 euro


Before tanning:

Please take a long bath and scrub well, do not apply any cosmetics on the skin and ear loose dark clothing.

After tanning:

No skin contact with water, have a shower after 2-4 hours (depending the intensity you prefer) and do not go to bed without having a shower. Hydratation the next days is recommended to extend the effect.



Practical information

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For changes please let us know 24h before your appointment

tel +32(0)497/623 088


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